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PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:29 am 

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Very pleasant meeting with all boardmembers present.
Theresa Britten was holding the meeting in the absence of Farida.
She told a few things about this coming Friday being election day ,so many cars will be hooting, flags in many colours , always green and yellow are in the majority.
Be carefull driving at night on Friday a lot of balashi and rum will be consumed.
She talked about some of the things this government has done for the island
( omitting to say what the cost has been and how big the debt is, but than that seems to happen to every country nowadays, but possibly Russia and China)
Have to say they spend it here and that is good.
Actually you are paying a little bit on that debt with the new tourist tax charges for staying .
The old Bushiri will indeed become a hard rock hotel/cafe and I hope they put a nice good looking construction there. Now it is a ruin and way too many homeless live there not making the place and beach safe.

Rene Maduro was asked about if we had any reserves, he said No, what was left in the cashregister was carefully spend only on projects needed.
As of next year I believe every resort has to have a reserve built in the maintenance fees or seperate, to be used only on the "big' projects and only with the ok of the members,this is to avoid more assesments, somehow the assesment projecs seem to be abused time and again and the government wants to prevent and or have more control over that, but that law to my knowledge has not passed yet.

I asked if the older personnel that was going to be retired if there was enough cesantia money set aside for that and yes, he said that was calculated in the budget.
So overall good news for the resort looks great, and yes much has been accomplished.

There was a small misunderstanding between mr. Foley and myself for I asked why when so much renovation had been done to the restaurant,( it was done quick and very well) did they not put in a window on the side of the ocean.
He got a little anoyed and said there was a window, but that is on the side not oceanfront.
Well, they now put in saloondoors that are totally closing off the kitchen on the only windside so I am glad I do not have to work there for it must be very hot, but he said fans ,I believe ceiling fans or other were going to be installed.

But my suggestion for that window was not to crititicize anything but a practical advice.
Though it rains seldom in Aruba, it can pour buckets once in a while, though the wind is usual moderate, it can have hard windy gusts once in a while.
To have a food-window in the restaurant itself would prevent the waiters from getting wet or food being blown of the plates and I have seen it happen, not often but yep it happens occationally.
Next to that once the food being ready ,if given though a restaurant window ;
1/ it can be served right from the oven/stove
2/ at all times one waiter/waitress has to be there ( good service)
3/no rain nor wind can affect any of those things.

My other comment was the closed door with the unhandy saloondoors that I saw several people struggle with bringing food supply's in or out.

Mr. Foley said they were working on that so that was good news.
Almost everything on the airco system outside, water cooling towers, chillers, rewinding the pipes and more has been completed.
So I suppose next year the inside will be attacked , still a lot of work remaining to be done ,but sofar, great job. Gosh the relieve of that horrible noise alone is fantastic.

Important news is that both BOD's from CDM and ABC are making an attempt to get on better foot with each other, mr Perrino even showed up the next day on his birthday at the CDM meeting ,I thought that was great and congratulations on your birthday, hope it was a good one.
What does concern me is that talks are about removing both tenniscourts in the front, I believe that not to be right. One, yes two ,no.
Though there are many agreements between CDM and ABC ,to get rid of both courts,means that in case there is a break-up and it happened before, ABC will be left with out any possibilty to play tennis for its guests since the ones next to Ambassador belong to CDM.

True, in the past we had Leslie giving lessons to both members and locals, the courts were in use much more, tournaments were organized and there was much more activity on those courts.Even better there was an income from those courts.
But since none of the BOD members are tennisplayers that I know of, that was never attempted to renew , yet I know many young very good playes willing to give lessons and set up a little tournament or so. The YOUNGER generation has to get more attention.
Now we have 2 girls doing activity's in both clubs,but nothing is being done for the teenagers that become larger in numbers as far as sports activity's is concerned.
So I suggested to have those girls work somehow together and each doing a different thing for the young or older ones but it is the young ones that need much more attention now.

Some complains about the telephone/messaging service and I myself also have experienced that, I hope the BOD will have a serious look into that.
I asked mr Perrino to make the rules for reservations less strict and indeed he did, thank you Tony and BOD great job and it will be easier to rent units for our members so it benefits the members.

ABC members may not all agree on this but I believe the rules for beach towels must be thrown out.
CDM pays 57% on all our beach-costs, their members have as much right as do ABC members to chairs/chiki's and use of the beach/pool a.s.o.
besides it has never worked and only creates a bad feeling between the members of both resorts when we should be one happy family.
Wrong is putting your towels down and going back to bed that is making abuse of your rights.
We are so fortunate with this beach and the number of chiki's but you do not OWN them, they are for you to use where and when one is available.
I hope our board will look into this and change the rules, being for everyone the same, but if your towels are there longer than an hour, they once and forall should be removed.
That rule has never been enforced but it should be. Security can do a much better job.

I suggested a contract could be made with Alhambra about personel during the day parking their cars over there.
mr Foley said he was not going to have his personel walk two blocks.
Well, I once was in new York and someone told me the store I was looking for was 2 blocks down, I thought, ok that is nothing ,half an hour later I still was not at my destination .
So mr Foley I believe in this case,our idea's about the size of a "block' quit differ haha.
mr. Titone was complimented on the newsletter, Rene on accounting, Foley on construction and Perrino overall.

Members were rather happy ,so I have to say, pa bien on a job very well done by you.

CDM is is not is as good shape as is ABC now,( not finacially nor in maintenance of construction) both boards though talk about "saving costs"
The break-up at the time was over the management company Sun devellopment but they have gone.
You want "real " savings, let these clubs become one again cut the board in half ,many have almost had their 2 terms of 5 year so automatically will have to go out of the boards, so even in a natural way this could be done simply by not chosing new members untill the number of 5 or 7 is reached.
One good management company or one excellent General manager would be enough, the staff can be cut in half in a " natural way where either other positions will be found or another solution.
It is the cost of 10 boardmembers and the top of double management/accounting and more higher positions that is taking a huge chunk out of the income.
Now that would make us strong, one big resort with the right people to in the top, that would cut costs in half and make us one big family again
I know,just wishfull thinking on my part.
have a great day.

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