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Aruba and some changes
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Author:  olga [ Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Aruba and some changes

Shortly the Carlton Ritz will open, for now only the casino has opened this weekend for registered members, one can become a member of that casino by applying . They are working very hard on all those last finishing touches.
Amazing how they almost overnight have a garden installed with medium to big trees.

Christmas will the tram be doing the full track through town, they came up with difficulties of old pipes underground and more, the construction company now has ( finally)a deadline. so lets hope things go faster as of now specially for the merchants.

ABC looks as good as punch, yet Rene warned members, no reserves and still a lot of hurdles ahead for next year, so carefully planning is a must but glad to say is in capable hands.

Weather is a bit unpredictable, some rain, some clouds, one day calm ocean next day you see it eating the beach, well that is nature at its best.

Many papers still to be signed, permits to be given for the go ahead of the Hard Rock Hotel,( old Bushiri) boy that place needs a face lift so bad ,hope they start as soon as possible.

Container harbour is going to be changed as well so the island is full of life and nice to see how the cruize ships are coming more and more, the town really benifits from that.

greetings olga

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