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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:47 am 

Joined: Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:40 pm
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Last Tuesday ( sorry to be so late) the board came to Auba and attended (all 5 of them), Farida's Tuesday meeting.
I will try to put the topics together so it will be easier to understand, forgive me I do not have word perfect so I make typo errors. please forgive.

Farida started by introducing the department heads, than had her ususal Gm talk. the average occupancy was according to her 85% though there have been weeks last year the club seemed almost empty, so other weeks must have made up for that.
She said rooms were being painted and balcony's repaired.

Than questions were made by members to the board

1/ airco,
Kevins answer was, the first face of the total renewal of our airco system has almost been done,only one reserve chiller still has to come in, face two will start sometime during this year and involves getting some new pipes and coatings and or insulation for these and the old pipes .
face 3, which involves all the ducts going to the rooms and the units inside the rooms will most likely be done early next year.
Member asked what happened to the old cooling tower ,well it is sitting ,rusting away in a yard for no one wants to buy that thing, Kevin said, it did cost the club over US $300.000. Kevin made very clear the old board was NOT going to be held responsable for that total loss of money, nor for the discomfort that so many members suffered during that period of time.
This is totaly against what he promised during his campaign but ala what can members do ,nothing, it is still the board that is in command.

Just my thoughts;Now that cooling tower costed only some $24.000, make that approx $50.000 installed and well ,than came the repairs and my calculation ( not knowledge ,just calculation)is that was not over $100.000 so tell me what happened to the other $150.000 for there was no explination given for that.
Possibly one day Rene can outline that more precisely for now according to my calculations, that $300.000 seems awfully high.

2/maintanance fees and NO assesment
Rene explained that the maintenance fees will go up every year according more or less to the index but that he was trying to get everything done , the renewal of airco system and new fire alarm system , the plumbing work that is much needed and the costs of lawyers and the union,without having to go to an assesment.
Wow that is great news for I know when he started he had zero in the cash bin,( he did tell us that at the time) now he has a bottom of $400.000 to be able to use for whatever may come up during the year and that is one great job he has done, I salute him for that ,for he got us out of a deep hole.
( remember there was before the last assesment couple millions in the reserve and not even with the 3 1/2 million that came in with that assesment was the board at the time capable of retaining that reserve)


I myself asked why the little goup of non inhouse members were accused of many times not returning the beach towels.
Local members and non inhousemembers have been treated unfair and to point a finger at only a few without any proof is wrong. Hospitality I have heard from many local members has been beneath the friendly Aruban standard and that is wrong. To be honest with you, members did not receive this well, they probably had not read the 2 Gm reports fully and or might not have understood those reports. My point is, be nice to everybody no matter from which country you come, and that includes to 'non inhouse' members, and make your adminstration work ,for losing a towel ( worth $5) and punish members by having them pay $25, should be a very profitable thing for the club, now if that rule was finally inforced, members would be much more carefull returning their towels for which they need to signe all the time.

4/ beach signs
I understand they are planning to make signs on the beach to let everybody know, "THIS IS THE ARUBA BEACH CLUB"
But the beach is public so I hope they want to put the ABC name on the walls of the club or something simular.

5/board fees
Members asked what the board fees are.
Answer of the board was; They have now been put under restriction, the boardmembers ONLY get $175 per day to spend.
(they did not bring their wifes for the first time I remember, but can you imagine what they must have spend before this new "board-rule" was in place?)oeps
Now what they did not tell was that on top of that they still get paid $2500, 3 times a year ,just for attending the board meeting in Aruba, logical a plane ticket and room are included as well.
According to Rene those $2500 were all costs that boardmembers have to make, telephone/fax/printing costs a.s.o.
But my question is;Some of the boardmembers never answer any email, never have done any job for the members to see,why are they paid this much? They cannot have $2500 costs every 4 months surely?
Just for fun, this year there was a holiday in the board-week, so, did they get paid for that day as well and also for sitting in all morning at the Gm meeting?
I suppose so, but we members must be happy that now they do not get the all you can eat and drink anymore but "only" $175 per day plus $2500 for the week.

All by all it was a good meeting, room was packed full .
Members sence that things are working better than before and though there always is room for improvement, better is good.
Hope you all will come back soon to the ABC, best club on the island even in difficult times and thanks Rene for a great job in such a short time .

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:59 am 

Joined: Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:27 am
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Thanks Olga. Appreciate the time you took to give us an idea of what went on last week.

Just a thought here: Why the lack of comments/opinions on our new message board or the
ABC Facebook page from other members who were at the meeting last week?

We have over 500 registered members.
We asked for a message board and they gave it to us.
Lets use it !!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:15 pm 
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Thanks for the report Olga. $2500.00 a week and $175.00 a day???? Sounds like a lot of money to me. My husband said we should run for the board. LOL

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