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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:27 am 

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The current Government as part of its policy, is undertaking many projects to enhance the experience of visitors to our island – which includes loyal timeshare owners. These projects include the Linear Park, the Street Car (Trolley) to improve the movement in downtown, the renovation of Oranjestad, the renovation of all the neighborhoods in Aruba, projects to improve cleanliness of the island and much more. In total there are over 50 different projects aimed at raising the quality of life for our residents and guests alike.

In 2010 the Government abolished half of the Turn Over Tax (BBO) from 3% to 1.5% to improve the buying power of both visitors and residents. However, to be able to finance and implement projects to protect the environment and after months of various discussions, brainstorming and negotiations, the Government has reached a new fiscal reform in agreement with the business community and the unions. Parts of the reform will impact the tourism community and as such, for the timeshare sector, the Government has introduced an environment levy which will go into effect after approved by Parliament. The exact date will be announced to you as soon as this is official by the local Government:

• Studios will be charged $10 per stay
• One Bedroom units will be charged $15 per stay
• Two Bedroom units will be charged $25 per stay

For timeshare customers, this levy is a one-time fee for continuous usage during your owned interval. As such, if you own four consecutive weeks, you would be charged only once during your visit. If you own four non-consecutive weeks, you will be charged for each stay. Similarly, owners transferring from one resort to another will be charged for a new stay. The above fee is regardless of the amount of nights, weeks or months a guest/member stay at the Resort and this is in addition to the existing Governmental taxation.
This Law does have a positive impact for the timeshare sector. The Government has provided the concession to timeshares that it will not tax the reserves slated for resort renovation.
In addition to the above, the following have also been agreed on:

• The introduction of an environmental levy on car rentals of US$ 1 per day per car as of the officially announced effective date., while adequate inspection of rental companies is planned to take place; the levy on tours will take effect as of November 1, 2013; the definition of “tours” will be determined in agreement with the sector;
• The introduction of an environmental levy of US$3 per occupied room per night for regular (transient) hotels, also as of the official effective date which will be evaluated in September 2013.

The Minister of Tourism has been very busy these past months changing / adopting labor laws in order to present to the Parliament for discussion and approval. One of the labor laws that will affect our tourism industry is a reduction in the work week from 48 to 45 hours. While we are doing our very best to stay within budget by not hiring additional people in various departments, with the Housekeeping unfortunately that might not be so easy and the only option at this point is to introduce a second limited housekeeping service (same as we provide on Sundays). While this has not been officially announced yet – it will become reality at some point and we need to be prepared for this.

Another new labor law that will be introduced is the payment of lunch break if this is neglected by the employer. We always encourage our employees to take their lunch break but in the Housekeeping department, especially on Saturdays some Room Attendants opt not to take their lunch break taking into account the many check-outs that they have and the rush to get these rooms cleaned and ready for the new arrivals. With introduction of this new labor law, this will be no longer possible and we have to make sure that they take their lunch break and for this we ask our Members to take into account when arriving on Saturdays. We will keep you posted of the developments as we go along.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:10 am 

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Thanks for posting this. Wished more members would start using this blog.
As far as the personel is concerned I am happy their wages are being upted and that the long workdays now incude payment for their much needed lunch time.

In Europe 40 hours is normal, so 45 p.w. is still little over 5 1/2 working days p.w. .Also , nowadays so many members check in and or out on different days than Saturday, so yes the personel should work full force on Saturday ,but surely they can handle that. Very important that members announce both check-in and check-out time in advance so housekeeping can make up a scedule as to what rooms are first available to be cleaned ,for many members have early morning flights.

Yes many country's go bankrupt and many unpleasant measures need to be made, imagine your savings ,10% taken away by your gouvernment. wow
So this gouvernement is looking to raise more money , or else things might go worse, is it a pitty, absolutely, I wished they could find it elsewhere than in the tourist industry, but we have nothing else, we lost the millions income from Lago/Valero , population is growing, so the money must be found somewhere.
I can only hope you understand for most country's have huge debts and somehow they have to pay for that.
So you pay more but he, you got to ride a tram for $1 ;)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:07 pm 
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Does anyone know if you will be charged the $10 fee twice if you own one week, and rent a second consecutive week from another owner within the same resort? It looks like if you own and stay consecutive weeks you are only charged once, but it's not clear if there is a charge for switching units (but not resorts) for a second week.

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