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Guest Nightly Charges

(Subject to change without prior notice)

Superior: $11.90/Energy Surcharge, $9.50/Tax = $21.40 per night + $10.00 environmental levy per stay

Deluxe and Royal: $13.00/Energy Surcharge, $10.28/Tax = $23.28 per night + $15.00 environmental levy per stay

In the event your guest(s) is a no show for the week, the owner will be held automatically responsible for the energy surcharge which will be posted on your members account and will reflect on your next Club Dues statement.
Should your guest(s) have a late arrival or/and an early departure than their confirmed dates, your guest(s) will be held responsible for the energy surcharge.

Remarks by Resort:

Please be advised that The Aruba Beach Club is undergoing refurbishment. As a result, if your unit is scheduled for refurbishment during your week(s), the original unit number owned and/or rented by the owner to a guest or private rental will not be the unit that the guest or renter is assigned to. IT IS THE OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THEIR GUEST(S) OR RENTER(S) OF THIS ACTION, THE ARUBA BEACH CLUB RESORT HAS NO OBLIGATION AND ASSUMES NO LIABILITY IF THE OWNER FAILS TO DO SO.

Prior to confirmation of guest usage, a non-refundable administrative fee of $35.00 per unit per transaction must be paid by the owner.

After submitting this form, please visit to process your payment.